Vehicle listings with Manheim Express Concierge inspections now protect sellers even more from arbitration. - IMAGE: Manheim

Vehicle listings with Manheim Express Concierge inspections now protect sellers even more from arbitration. 

ATLANTA- Giving dealers another big reason to list vehicles with the Manheim Express Concierge service, Manheim has significantly reduced seller arbitration risk with a new benefit: Seller Release. That's right - once a vehicle is sold with a Concierge inspection, sellers can rest easy knowing that it won't come back to them through arbitration for condition-related claims. Vehicles inspected by a Concierge team member after July 5 will automatically receive this coverage at no additional cost to the seller. 

"Driving confidence on both sides of the transaction is key to enabling a vibrant wholesale marketplace," said Brett Woods, vice president of Assurance at Manheim. "With the new Seller Release, sellers get extra peace of mind knowing that completed transactions are just that-complete." 

Seller Release removes nearly all arbitration risk for vehicles inspected by a Manheim Express Concierge, so sellers can literally sell it and forget it, knowing that Manheim stands behind the inspection. This comes with many added benefits for sellers: 

  • Sellers no longer have to rely on offering vehicles "As-ls" to avoid arbitration risk, potentially leading to higher sale prices and greater ROI.
  • They can also avoid unexpected transportation costs if an arbitration does arise, as Manheim handles all covered claims and works directly with buyers.
  • Best of all, all of this adds up to practically no worries and no hassles for sellers, so they can focus their time on other areas of their business knowing that Manheim has their back.

With its industry-leading condition information, such as immersive 360-degree images, movable images to show depth of damage, audio and video tags to assess engine noise, interior imaging and more, Manheim Express offers clients the best way to showcase their inventory from their lots. The Concierge service gives sellers a dedicated expert to do all of the legwork on listing vehicles-from high mileage units to frontline-ready ones-as well as consult on their wholesale strategies. As a part of the service, Concierge specialists conduct a thorough vehicle history check, including prior wholesale auction history, and create the industry's most comprehensive wholesale listings. 

In addition to the standard Manheim Express listing features, Concierge-inspected listings also include an Inspection Grade, undercarriage video, OBD2 engine codes, and now Seller Release-which gets sellers "off the hook" for arbitrations for most condition-related claims. 

"Seller Release is yet another way we're standing behind the expertise of our Concierge specialists who are highly trained to create accurate and comprehensive condition reports that showcase our clients' inventory," added Connie Suozzo, vice president, Manheim Digital. "With this added benefit, dealers have another big reason to list with the Manheim Express Concierge service." 

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