Click2Call feature now integrates with DealerSocket CRM. - IMAGE: CallRevu

Click2Call feature now integrates with DealerSocket CRM.

BALTIMORE – CallRevu, an industry leader in automotive call monitoring and analytics, has forged a strategic partnership with DealerSocket CRM to integrate the CallRevu Click2Call feature with DealerSocket CRM.

The Click2Call integration simplifies the user experience, enabling outbound calls to be made from DealerSocket CRM with a single click. There is no need to go outside of the CRM to make a call. Additionally, all details of the completed call are automatically entered into the CRM, thus providing more data points for reporting and an overallsuperior customer experience. Caller IDs can be configured to represent the dealership to avoid being tagged/flagged as suspicious spam.

“Click2Call is another powerful feature that CallRevu offers that ensures our clients never miss any part of the customer journey or communications that occur,” said Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO of CallRevu. “This is a proven solution that works exceptionally well. I’m extremely proud of the relationship we have forged with DealerSocket, which allows us to deliver even greater value to our dealers.”

“We are excited to announce the integration of CallRevu’s Click2Call feature with our CRM. Click2Call is a keycomponent of the call tracking process and will contribute to the growth and success of our dealer customers. We are delighted to have CallRevu as part of the DealerSocket network,” said Greg Hammond, Senior Business Development Manager, DealerSocket.

“Our vision and commitment to continuous innovation guides us as we strive to provide automotivedealerships with solutions that drive ROI and customer experience,” added Giagnacovo.

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