Baltimore, Md. - Motorize debuted the latest product in their suite of Web- and mobile-based automotive services, the Motorize F&I Menu. The new menu for automotive and motorsports dealerships offers F&I products to buyers in a consumer-friendly manner, and at the same time increases the dealership’s PRU (per retail unit) and PPRU (product per retail unit) while reducing its overhead costs.

The Motorize F&I Menu helps automotive and motorsports dealers sell F&I products such as extended warranties, maintenance & service programs and other ownership insurance products. The menu provides sales and finance personnel a wealth of utilities to inform customers of their available products and programs to protect their new purchases, which in turn generate more revenue for the dealerships and their partners.

“One of the things that makes the Motorize F&I Menu truly unique is that we were able to combine the knowledge of F&I managers and product agents with modern user experience techniques and cutting-edge programming. In the end, this combination of knowledge and technology enabled us to create a product that has been tested and proven to increase PRU and PPRU while giving car buyers more peace of mind,” said Scott Ferber, chairman and co-founder, Motorize.

Through Motorize’s partnership with F&I Express, the menu offers product rating – not just for vehicle service contracts, but for all types of F&I products – combined with eContracting. eContracting expedites coverage for purchased products and reduces both the number of errors and the overhead costs of manual remittance, common challenges in the industry.

“The integration of F&I Express and Motorize is a win-win for dealers across the board,” said Brian Reed, CEO, Intersection Technologies Inc. “The partnership strengthens the aftermarket industry by streamlining the F&I department through eContracting, saving time and money by using one sign-on to access all F&I products, eliminating redundant data entry and producing error-free contracts every time.”

Gary Crossley Ford, one of Motorize’s inaugural clients and an early pilot testing partner dealership, has seen tangible success and increased F&I product sales which they directly attribute to the Motorize F&I Menu. “Since we began using the Motorize Menu platform eight months ago, we have increased our PRU by $400 and our PPRU by 26%. We used to use another menu provider, but we are really glad we switched [to Motorize],” said Ben Pacheco, general sales manager, Gary Crossley Ford. “Its ease-of-use and interactive nature have really hit home with our customers.”