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Rick McCormick

What Does The 'I' Stand For?

F&I sales should be focused on adding value for the customer, not sales for the sake of sales.

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Insight Over Information

Information is for the internet; insight is for the F&I office. Fill the process with insight and you will fill the office with happy customers.

Have It Your Way!

The customer is speaking loudly, they want to have it their way, and it’s forward-thinking and profit-building when we do.

Stop Selling Products!

New information comes out everyday that can change the dynamic in the F&I office and that requires time everyday be spent learning and researching, by finance professionals and those that work alongside of them.

The Gravitational Pull of Average

When you increase the activity and effort to improve, the numbers go up and leave the average level in your rear-view mirror.

Bring It, and You Get the Business!

What is the secret to more consistently winning?

Find the Onion!

If you are good at discovering purpose, people will like you and trust you, and if you are selling, they will buy from you.

Three Impactful Truths!

Here are three principles that, if illustrated properly, will make an impact that will drive results upward and increase the value of our offering.

Three Questions to Ask Every F&I Manager

On your dealership visits, go in with three questions that will spark discussion and hopefully a planning session on how to improve.

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Peace of Mind is at a Premium

Becoming skilled on helping each individual self-discover their needs and then motivating them to act on that discovery, is an amazing talent – That’s what we call an F&I professional.

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