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Rick McCormick

The Rhythm of the Sales Conversation

When customers feel free to speak and share their opinions, they feel understood. F&I professionals that intentionally make the conversation a two-way interaction build high levels of trust and profits.

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A Blockbuster Process In a Netflix World

Insight presentations are today; features and benefits presentations are so yesterday…and hopefully will soon be as hard to find as a Blockbuster store.

Adapting to Win

Adaptability is the only way anyone can be successful right now. Let’s investigate the secret to winning.

Three Invaluable Principles Of F&I Success!

Agents are a trusted partner to the dealer and providing the F&I team with opportunities for training is the best way to improve performance and drive profits.

3 Decisions That Will Change Your Future!

Times of crisis change you; however, if you make the right decisions, it can leave you better than before. Here are three opportunities that should be shared with dealership leaders to inspire their team and assure a more productive future.

The Dress Rehearsal – Getting It Right!

As a result of the pandemic, dealerships have been conducting more sales transactions online, with video calls and remote vehicle delivery. It is up to every agent to help determine what resources and technology need to change to prepare the dealership for any future obstacles.

Someday: The Worst Day of the Week!

While no crisis is a good thing, those that succeed will be those that take the opportunity during the storm to change, pivot, and adjust.

Retail Reset

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, dealerships have experienced a complete retail reset, and the dealerships you serve will be looking for more than a way to regain profits – they will be looking for answers.

Pruning Time!

Today’s reality is presenting us with both challenging times as well as countless possibilities. Success is reserved for those that dare to prune their process to assure future growth in skills and profits.

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Expert Advice for F&I During COVID-19

The automotive industry has seen an unprecedented loss in sales over the past few months and F&I departments are facing serious challenges amidst these losses. We spoke with five leaders in F&I training, and they shared their thoughts, advice, and predictions on what to do today to help prepare for tomorrow.