The industry as a whole is encouraged to nominate individuals they believe belong in the F&I Hall of Fame.  -

The industry as a whole is encouraged to nominate individuals they believe belong in the F&I Hall of Fame.

TORRANCE, Calif. – Bobit’s Dealer Group is excited to announce a new initiative it believes will become an automotive industry mainstay when it comes to recognizing the people who’ve made lasting impacts on such a dynamic sector.


The F&I Hall of Fame will be annually filled with the names of industry trailblazers who are believed to standout through their examples of professionalism, innovation and leadership.

“Almost a year ago on a call with David, I made mention that it seems we are one of the few that does not recognize the pillars of our industry,” said Tony Wanderon, CEO of APCO Holdings, in explaining how the hall of fame concept developed. “Today, we are changing that, and I am honored to be heading the F&I Hall of Fame selection committee. This is long overdue and will allow us to recognize those who have changed the game by their innovation, ethical leadership, and unwavering commitment to our industry.”

Dealer Group President David Gesualdo said Wanderon is the perfect person to lead the new effort.

“Tony presented me with the idea to do an F&I hall of fame, and I thought it was a fantastic idea,” he said. “So, as we moved forward with the process, I thought he would be the perfect person to chair the committee. We are proud to say he accepted.”

The industry as a whole is encouraged to nominate individuals they believe belong in the F&I Hall of Fame.

Please review the following criteria we will look for in assessing candidates for the hall of fame. The criteria highlight exceptional achievement, innovation, leadership and contribution to industry and society. The qualifiers are designed to identify people who’ve not only achieved personal success but who’ve also made significant contributions to the advancement and betterment of our industry:

1. Innovation and Impact

  • Individuals who have introduced new products, or services that transformed the market.
  • Contributions that have led to significant improvements in customer service, risk management, financial planning, and insurance or product underwriting.

2. Leadership and Vision

  • Demonstrated leadership, leading to substantial growth, ethical standards, and industry respect.
  • Visionaries who have anticipated market changes and positioned their companies or the industry at large for future success. 

3. Ethics and Integrity

  • A sustained record of ethical conduct and integrity in both personal and professional endeavors.
  • Advocacy for consumer protection, transparency, and fairness in finance and insurance practices.

4. Educational and Mentorship Contributions

  • Contributions to the education and professional development of others in the finance and insurance sectors through teaching, mentorship, or publishing influential research.

5. Regulatory and Policy Influence

  • Have made contributions to the development, reform, or interpretation of laws and regulations affecting the finance and insurance industries.
  • Leadership roles in industry associations, regulatory bodies, or advisory committees.

6. Community and Societal Impact

  • Initiatives or contributions that have had a positive impact on communities, such as promoting financial inclusion, supporting disaster recovery, or contributing to charitable causes.

7. Career Longevity and Consistency 

  • A long-standing career in finance and insurance marked by continuous achievement, resilience, and adaptability to industry changes. 

To submit a nomination, click here. Alternatively, nominations can be emailed directly to [email protected].

The nomination period will remain open from March 9 through March 17. Honorees will be announced on March 22 and recognized during a ceremony at Agent Summit in April. 

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