Gubagoo President Brad Title  -  IMAGE: Gubagoo

Gubagoo President Brad Title

IMAGE: Gubagoo

Gubagoo, a provider of conversational commerce and retail solutions for both automotive dealerships and OEMs, is bringing a new prototype customer data platform to NADA 2024.

“The Gubagoo CDP will revolutionize how dealerships leverage data,” said President Brad Title. “We are at the beginning of a new age for automobile retailers, and this new approach to a CDP will propel them into the future.”

Since the advent of storing customer data digitally, forward-thinking dealerships have striven to use that data to their advantage. Unfortunately, the information is often duplicated, inconsistent and disconnected across different tools and systems. And the struggle is multiplied with every store in a dealership group. The same can be said when multiple reporting tools try to pull data from across several different sources. The disconnected data set often produces unusable, or at best inefficient, results.

The only way to solve the problem is with a single system with a single unique identifier for every customer, every vehicle, and every transaction. Reynolds and Reynolds says it was the first company to set this expectation with its Retail Management System and continues to enhance the ideal every day. Building on its Retail Management System, the Gubagoo CDP can now normalize and structure data from disparate sources and unify and cleanse it for a clear view of every customer.

Users will get a single view of each customer, vehicle and transaction, all after the records are deduplicated and cleansed. Records from the same household are brought together and connected, making using the data more efficient and productive.

Once users have a clean and detailed view of the customer, they can create narrowed lists of audiences appropriate for marketing efforts. This makes it easy for the dealership or vendors to run campaigns across all channels, targeting the right customers with the right messages. And the Gubagoo CDP unifies customer information across dealer systems to give visibility into customer behavior at every touchpoint.

Finally, the Gubagoo CDP provides full attribution modeling of the entire buyer journey, something dealerships have long sought. From the first click to the last, every interaction is tracked – giving dealers a better understanding of where their customers came from, who or what they interacted with, and how those interactions shaped their purchase decision.

“By delivering clean first-party data and proper attribution, Gubagoo’s CDP will ensure dealers stay connected with their customers and maximize returns on every dollar spent,” Title said. “We are extremely excited to bring this product to market, and continue to future-proof our dealers.”

Demonstrations of Gubagoo CDP will be available in the Gubagoo booth at NADA.

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