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IMAGE: Pexels

Stellantis has issued a recall for approximately 32,125 plug-in hybrid sports utility vehicles in the U.S. to address a potential fire risk.

The recall specifically targets model years 2021 to 2024 Jeep Wrangler 4xe hybrid SUVs. No other Wrangler models are affected, a company press release said.

The automaker reported that a routine company review of customer data led to an internal investigation that uncovered eight vehicle fires. All vehicles were parked and turned off. Six were connected to chargers when the fires occurred. The issues didn't cause any related injuries or accidents, Stellantis said.

According to the automaker, the vehicles may be driven, though owners are advised to not recharge affected vehicles and to park them away from structures and other vehicles until they are fixed.

The remedy involves a software flash, the company said. If a certain error code is observed, dealers will replace the battery pack.

Affected customers will be advised when they can schedule service. Stellantis estimates that 1% of affected vehicles may have the defect.

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