The Ford strike impacts two assembly plants and its Kentucky Truck Plant. - IMAGE: Pexels

The Ford strike impacts two assembly plants and its Kentucky Truck Plant. 

IMAGE: Pexels

The ongoing United Auto Workers strike campaign against Ford and other Detroit big-three automakers puts the companies at a disadvantage, warned Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motors told reporters a news briefing.

The strike will give automakers such as Toyota, Honda, Tesla and Chinese manufacturers an edge over big three, he said.

The union hadn't yet issued a response to Ford's comments.

He urged the UAW to end the strike against Ford and its Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Chicago Assembly Plant in Illinois and Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville.

The strike has put about 19,000 workers out of work. Workers are striking or being laid off from Ford facilities because of its impact on production, Reuters noted.

“We can stop this now,” Ford said in his speech. “We need to come together to bring an end to this acrimonious round of talks. I still believe in a bright future, one that we can build together. I still believe the automobile industry is a major force for good in our country.”

The fight should not be Ford versus the UAW, he said, noting the industry is at a crossroads.

“Choosing the right path isn't just about Ford's future and our ability to compete. This is about the future of the American automobile industry,” he said. “The UAW leaders have called us the enemy in these negotiations. But I will never consider our employees as enemies.”

If the automakers lose to the competition, Ford said that “America loses. Many jobs will be lost. So will future investments. ... Communities will suffer greatly.”


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