B-Parts connects salvage yards with Stellantis' network of dealerships. - IMAGE: Pexels

B-Parts connects salvage yards with Stellantis' network of dealerships.  

IMAGE: Pexels

Stellantis NV is launching a service to provide Michigan dealers selling Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles with up to 70% cheaper parts, a Stellantis executive told the Detroit News.

The new service, known as B-Parts, already operates in Europe and will arrive in North America in December. Stellantis will start offering it to 10 to 15 dealerships in Michigan before expanding it to the rest of the state and into Texas and New York next year. The automaker plans to add seven to 10 states a year after that.

B-Parts, part of Stellantis' circular-economy division is billed as lowering costs, waste and carbon emissions by repurposing, remanufacturing, fixing and recycling parts. The service connects salvage yards selling used-vehicle parts with Stellantis' network of dealerships.  

With an inventory of over five million parts, B-Parts has already become a major supplier to over 160 countries in Europe and beyond. B-Parts supplies parts available for reuse at up to 70% savings over new parts and remanufactured parts up to 30% less, Alison Jones, Stellantis' senior vice president of the circular-economy business unit, said during a sustainability summit hosted by the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Jones noted that repaired parts also are available for less, but how much less depends on the labor needed to make a repair.

There can be challenges with the individual quality of parts ordered this way, Jones told summit guests. She said the company has taken steps to ensure all B-Parts offerings are of high quality, including:

  • Verifications to ensure the parts were not stolen
  • Validating and checking the quality of remanufactured parts that were re-engineered
  • Putting "SUSTAINera" branding on parts packaging when up to 80% of raw material has been saved

Approximately 15% of Stellantis' global parts catalog is part of the circular economy, and Stellantis aims to increase that to 40% by 2030, reported the Detroit News.

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