An Interview with Jerry Biller
An Interview with Jerry Biller

Presenting a new product at Industry Summit 2012 in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel is Jerry Biller, president of Usbergo Inc. He sat down with AE Magazine to talk about his new EcoProProducts range of products, and detailed the advantages for agents and their dealerships in adding the product to their F&I lineup.

He also noted the changing face of "eco friendly" products, and how the definition of makes a product environmentally friendly is changing. New products such as this are are pushing the industry forward in how it thinks about the eco-friendly label. He also chatted with us about why his company has decided to go to market via agents, rather than marketing directly to the dealerships.

Anti-Microbial Surfaces

One of the points Biller touches on is what his company calls an anti-microbial surface. While he briefly explains what that means, this video gives a more complete explanation of the science behind the technology. If you'd like to learn more about how it works after watching Biller's interview, this is a great place to start.