PALOS VERDES - Intersection Technologies, Inc and its aftermarket industry leading e-contracting platform of F&I Express is pleased to announce that it has entered into agreement and has added Innovative Aftermarket Systems (IAS) to its e-contracting platform. F&I Express is an e-contracting platform for the aftermarket F&I marketplace. It provides the dealer one place to go to rate, e-contract and e-sign for all of their aftermarket F&I product administrators and providers.

The addition of IAS and its suite of ancillary aftermarket products will provide the dealer additional options of how they e-contract their aftermarket products. Over the coming year F&I Express will be aggregating aftermarket administrators on its platform to make it one place for a dealer to go for all of their aftermarket products needs.

“The expansive product offerings and sophisticated technology platform IAS makes them a key addition to the F&I Express platform” says Brian Reed CEO and President of Intersection Technologies. Our goal is to make the F&I Express platform the most effective and efficient way for dealers to e-contract all of their aftermarket products” Reed said.

"IAS committed to the eContracting initiative in July of 2006 and we continue that push today." said Matt Nowicki, Director of Information Technology at IAS. "We want to ensure that our varied warranty products are available no matter what technology our dealer customers utilize, so it made perfect sense to allow integration of IAS products within the F&I Express platform."

Dealers and aftermarket agents who want to learn more about F&I Express should go to