“At Brightline Dealer Advisors, dealer centricity is not just a buzzword, it is in our DNA. It is the foundation of our...

“At Brightline Dealer Advisors, dealer centricity is not just a buzzword, it is in our DNA. It is the foundation of our strategy and the source of the relentless passion behind our mission to make our dealers raving fans. We have capitalized on our unique position in the market and have developed an innovative approach that has provided us a competitive advantage and fueled exponential growth,” said Eric Dragoo, president and CEO, Brightline DealerAdvisors. ​

DALLAS – Brightline Dealer Advisors launches as the largest independent insurance agency to offer products exclusively for automotive dealers in finance and insurance (F&I), property and casualty (P&C) and employee benefits. Two existing companies, Risk Theory Dealer Advisors and TrueRisk Advisors, have combined forces to create one, truly dealer-centric partner in the marketplace. 

"We need a trusted and reliable partner for all of our F&I and P&A needs as we expand our footprint across the country, and we have found it with Brightline Dealer Advisors." – Richard Aldahan, COO, LMP

Brightline Dealer Advisors combines the scale, support, and expertise of big-box providers with the flexibility, optionality and personnel stability of a local agency. As a result, they have created a competitive advantage in the market and are uniquely positioned to make their dealers raving fans.

The company will initially serve over 1,000 dealers nationwide and offers a fresh and reimagined approach to products, training, and services tailored to help dealers build culture, develop personnel and maximize performance and profitability. In an otherwise cluttered market, Brightline Dealer Advisors recognizes that dealers need and deserve custom programs that give access to key markets and operate on the dealers’ agenda.

“At Brightline Dealer Advisors, dealer centricity is not just a buzzword, it is in our DNA. It is the foundation of our strategy and the source of the relentless passion behind our mission to make our dealers raving fans.  We have capitalized on our unique position in the market and have developed an innovative approach that has provided us a competitive advantage and fueled exponential growth,” said Eric Dragoo, president and CEO, Brightline Dealer Advisors. 

In addition to providing F&I, P&C, and employee benefit products that dealers need, Brightline Dealer Advisors also offers extensive hands-on training and support for dealers and employees. The company’s approach to learning helps dealerships rise to their fullest potential, with ongoing resources and support geared toward a growth mindset. Brightline Dealer Advisors has tailored their products, financial structures and service model to meet dealer needs better than any alternative in the marketplace. 

“In addition to all that they offer, they have always done what they say they are going to do. That is unheard of in our industry.  We’ve been with a number of providers over the years and they’re the best by far that I’ve seen.  We consider them an invaluable partner to our business and look forward to working with them as Brightline Dealer Advisors,” said Adam Kaminsky, Dealer Principal, Southern Motors, Savannah, Georgia. 

As a result of the merger, Brightline Dealer Advisors has a vast network of employees across the country who are focused on dealers’ needs. Their low turnover rate speaks to their business model which focuses on attracting top talent and setting them up for long term financial and personal success.

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