An Interview with Jeremy Lindsey
An Interview with Jeremy Lindsey

In an age where agents and dealerships are bombarded with complex service contract programs, Alpha Warranty Services believes that simple sells. Jeremy Lindsey is the COO for Alpha Warranty Services – a niche vehicle service contract provider offering a full range of coverage options. They set themselves apart from the pack by providing service contract programs with simple yet extensive terms and eligibility rules, combined with comprehensive coverage.

Recognizing that consumers are keeping their cars much longer these days, Alpha Warranty Services extends coverage to higher mileage limits than the industry average. They offer technology that provides their agent partners and dealership clients with unique competitive advantages, such asa native iPhone app allowing agents to see sales and claims up to the minute. Agents can also take advantage of Alpha Warranty Services’ proprietary VantagePoint system, which provides insights on an agent’s business performance.This system shows them up-to-the-minute sales, paid claims, commissions earned, an annual sales comparison, a notification center on over or underperforming accounts, downloadable billing statements, and more. “As a company, we understand that many agent partners come to us already using some standard programs with other providers,” says Lindsey, “We invite them to review our niche service contract programs, as our programs provide a unique revenue stream for them. We say, ‘Bring what you currently offer and let us add to it.’ What we find is that they are so happy with our programs and our service that we see more of their business come over as that trust is built.” Alpha Warranty Services’ goal is to help their agent partners be successful. By focusing on their partners first, they have achieved tremendous success as a company and have been selected as a top service contract provider by the likes of and

Lindsey firmly believes if you take care of your employees, that satisfaction carries through to your agent partners, dealership clients, and ultimately your contract holders. “Our success starts with hiring the best employees,” says Lindsey, “and then treating them as a valued asset of our company.” And that isn’t just talk; Alpha Warranty Services was one of the 2013 National Winners of the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Excellence in Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility.

Growing up in a family that was immersed in the auto industry, it is no surprise that Lindsey ended up working in the field. His grandfather was an F&I manager at GM for nearly his whole life and Lindsey’s father worked in automotive sales for many years. Lindsey says he has always been drawn to cars. In his early 20’s, he started his own dealership. He says he found some great success and learned a lot about the business during that time. He later sold the dealership to his partner and pursued an opportunity with Alpha Warranty Services. “I’ve been with the company since near its infancy. It’s been exciting to see the company achieve such success and provide value for so many great agents and dealerships.”

Lindsey earned a master’s degree in international affairs and global enterprise from the University of Utah. He loves traveling and staying abreast of international issues. He spent two years in Uruguay as a service missionary, teaching English, rebuilding communities and sharing Christian beliefs. “I lived in South America for a little over two years so I speak Spanish as well. Living in South America just grew my love for soccer and for diverse cultures.”

With the World Cup going on right now, Lindsey says he is a pretty happy guy. He is a huge sports fan and loves college football and all things soccer. He has two young children and also enjoys spending time with them. Living in Utah, Lindsey takes advantages of the close proximity of the mountains - snowboarding in the winter and fishing in the summer.

Hot Issues in the Industry Today

Lindsey sees a few big issues for the industry on the horizon. He describes the overreaching of organizations such as the CFPB as a hot topic right now. Resistance to technological change in the industry is another. Finally, the ability to connect with the younger generations, both inside and outside the industry, is something he feels the industry needs to get a better handle on. “Younger generations make up a growing percentage of car buyers,” Lindsey pointed out, “Understanding how these consumers think and what matters most to them is important for success at a provider, agent and dealership level. In addition, young talent working within the walls of automotive dealerships will also have different expectations and perspectives on what will drive success and what tools are necessary to do so. Every generation is different from a general standpoint and connecting with each is important. The responsibility of developing solutions that bridge this gap is on us as providers. We need to be prepared to provide the tools necessary to accomplish this and we need the insight to do so. As a company with some great young talent, we like to believe that we have a good pulse on what’s needed to connect with this growing segment of car buyers, as well as car buyers from all other generations.”

Sage Advice

When asked what advice he would offer to someone just starting a career in the auto industry, Lindsey summed it up in three words: never stop learning. “We have some great trailblazers in this industry who possess so much valuable information. Learn everything you can from them and more importantly, be teachable. Having said that, innovation means considering ideas that might not be commonplace in our industry. The automotive industry and aftermarket automotive industry have developed quite a bit in these last years but there is always more out there. Don’t be afraid to extend yourself beyond your comfort level, as it ultimately will benefit both you and the industry in general.”