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Retail Reset

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, dealerships have experienced a complete retail reset, and the dealerships you serve will be looking for more than a way to regain profits – they will be looking for answers.

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Expert Advice for F&I During COVID-19

The automotive industry has seen an unprecedented loss in sales over the past few months and F&I departments are facing serious challenges amidst these losses. We spoke with five leaders in F&I training, and they shared their thoughts, advice, and predictions on what to do today to help prepare for tomorrow.

Protective Asset Protection Makes Online Dealer Training Institute Available During COVID-19 Pandemic

Online training program helps F&I personnel elevate skills to improve profit and customer satisfaction levels.

The 80/20 Rule of Selling

Helping F&I managers focus on the emotional component of the buying process is a key element of helping them improve numbers overall.

Free F&I Product Videos for Your Online Sales

Ron Reahard of Reahard & Associates, Inc. announces their popular F&I product videos will be made available to dealers free of charge for 120 days.

The Status Quo Bias

The status quo bias is present in every transaction, and if it isn’t discussed early and throughout the acquisition process, you could be setting yourself up to receive some bad news when you least expect it.

AE HOT TIP: What You Don't Know

A quick follow-up call to every sold F&I customer can clear up post-delivery misinformation and concerns, reduce unwinds and chargebacks, and generate referrals. UDS’s John Tabar has the details you need to add this important component to your dealer's process today.

3 Keys to Data-Driven Sales Training

Set your salespeople up for long-term success at your dealership.

Surf's Up

Navigate the waves of change to ensure long-term F&I success.

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UDS/BBDS Promotes John Tabar to VP of Training

UDS/Brown & Brown Dealer Services announced the promotion of John Tabar to Vice President of Training.