-  IMAGE: Pexels/William Fortunato

IMAGE: Pexels/William Fortunato

Carfluent, an artificial intelligence-driven software that creates bilingual vehicle listings for dealerships seeking broader audiences, says it had strong customer growth and momentum in 2023. The company grew the number of dealerships that trust it to reach the underserved Spanish-speaking market by six times during the year.

Carfluent, which says it's a pioneer in AI technology, offers a  solution for dealerships to publish search, inventory and vehicle detail pages with accurate Spanish translations, with a commitment to make the car-buying process easier for all.

"We are thrilled by the tremendous growth and momentum that Carfluent achieved in 2023," said company CEO Chance Mayfield. "Our commitment to providing accurate translations and making the car buying process easier for Spanish speakers has resonated with both dealerships and their customers. We look forward to continuing our mission of revolutionizing the industry and helping more Spanish speakers find their perfect vehicle, all while enabling dealerships to reach a fast-growing market."

By bridging the language barrier, Carfluent says it helps Spanish speakers have access to information they need, making their car-buying experience easier and more transparent, enabling dealers to reach a wider audience and tap into the growing market of Spanish-speaking car buyers. With the Hispanic population in the United States currently at 19% and on the rise, businesses must offer services that cater to the demographic. Carfluent empowers dealerships to do that, allowing them to expand their customer base and drive sales.

In 2023, Carfluent partnered with Cavender to bring accurate Spanish translations of its search, inventory and vehicle detail pages. It said the partnership is significant, as most of its rooftops are in the majority-Hispanic city of San Antonio, Texas, where 66% of the population identify as Hispanic. Carfluent also partnered with the Glenn Polk Auto Group to expand its reach.

"With Carfluent, we have seen our sales increase thirty to forty percent," said Aaron Dobrow of Glenn Polk Auto Group. "Carfluent helps us reach a whole new market we couldn't tap into before."

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