Speckr guarantees accuracy for all Tesla VINs. - IMAGE: Speckr

Speckr guarantees accuracy for all Tesla VINs.

IMAGE: Speckr

San Francisco-based Speckr recently launched a tool designed to simplify decoding Tesla vehicle specifications for dealers. Created by a  team with an extensive background in retail and wholesale electric-vehicle remarketing, Speckr provides access to detailed Tesla spec sheets in user-friendly PDFs and a versatile application programming interface for integration into larger client systems.

Navigating through Tesla's varied model updates and unexpected upgrades can be a challenge for dealers. Speckr not only addresses the issue by providing VIN-level details for all Tesla vehicles but offers accuracy in Tesla Trim and options decoding at a VIN level, including accurate specs on board computers and EV-specific hardware buyers are looking for. That becomes crucial when making reliable appraisal decisions, strategic inventory purchases, and enhancing customer interactions.

Speckr cuts through the complexity of Tesla transactions and customer discussions for dealers by ensuring they have the accurate and reliable information they need to make informed decisions.

While other decoders may falter, providing generic or sometimes incorrect options, Speckr guarantees accuracy for all Tesla VINs, establishing itself as a valuable asset for dealers when appraising and making other crucial operational decisions. It not only acts as a tool but also a hub of vital EV knowledge, supporting dealers in placing precise auction bids, refining appraisal practices, and bolstering the capabilities of sales teams regarding Tesla inquiries.

Speckr plans to expand its offerings by incorporating additional vehicle brands, further cementing its position as a data source for EV remarketing professionals.



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