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FLOCK Specialty Finance announced a strategic investment in technology and human capital related to data-driven insights and innovation with two top-level hires.

"Our investment in an analytical platform is foundational to our commitment to provide best-in-class support to our customers and our investors. The FLOCK analytics platform enables operational efficiencies, improved insights, and opportunities for data-driven innovation. To support and implement this vision, we have made two new strategic hires," founder and CEO Michael Flock said.

  • Jennifer Priestley as chief data officer responsible for the data platform which supporting Flock's business processes, analytics and market insights. She will oversee automation of operational processes, as well as data security and cybersecurity protocols. Her background as a professor of statistics and data science at Kennesaw State University for almost 20 years and developer of the country's first doctorate program in data science has made her uniquely qualified to help FLOCK become a leader in translating data into information to drive value. Before her career in academia, Jennifer held positions with VISA EU in London, MasterCard International, and Accenture. She holds a bachelor's degree from Georgia Tech, an MBA from Pennsylvania State University, and a doctorate in Decision Sciences from Georgia State University. 
  • Will Bowers as senior data scientist. He has nearly a decade of experience in data science, and his background in data engineering, analytics and business intelligence will contribute to the development of data-driven solutions for underwriting, portfolio management, and internal FLOCK financial processes. He was senior manager of performance data and analytics with Credigy before joining FLOCK. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Georgia.

"These strategic investments in our organization allow us to continue to drive value in the marketplace, bring deeper analytical insights, and enrich our customers' use of capital. FLOCK intends to become the nerve center of capital, data, and expertise for the middle market of debt buyers. Our enhanced investment in human capital and in technology is evidence of our strategy," Flock said.

Contact Jennifer at [email protected], for information or questions related to Flock Specialty Finance's data platform.

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