Offering eliminates wholesale layer of process.  -  IMAGE: Carazi

Offering eliminates wholesale layer of process.

IMAGE: Carazi

Carazi recently launched, a consumer-to-dealer online auction platform connecting consumers who want to sell their cars directly to dealers wanting to buy cars. Carazi eliminates the wholesale market cost layer, and in the process makes thousands of dollars available to buyer and seller.

"Today's market is littered with online 'sell your car' sites seeking to buy cars from consumers. In all cases, behind the site, is a company seeking to buy your car for as little as possible, to then turn around and sell it for as much as possible. Their goal is to make a margin on the car resale. We think this is crazy. Given that everyone is connected, why sell to a single dealer for less when you can have many dealers who want your car competing to buy it? This is the essence of what carazi is changing," says CEO Mike Thorby.

Carazi is different, as it doesn't buy the car from the consumer. It leaves the true margins in the deal to benefit the seller and buyer. Carazi simply markets and facilitates the sale of cars to interested dealers. By creating a competitive market place, consumers can sell their cars for more, as dealers buy cars they want without the additional wholesale costs.

In today's financial climate, consumers need to sell their cars for more due to financial pressures on living costs, car wants to help them get the best deal, the best price and more for their car.

Carazi initially launched its digital marketing campaigns to consumers in the Dallas Metroplex area and will expand the marketing in coming months to the rest of the U.S. Buyers can purchase from anywhere, and vehicles can be delivered everywhere through its sister company, Car Delivery Network.

Originally posted on Auto Dealer Today

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