European auto factories trimmed 25,000 additional vehicles and North American automakers cut approximately the same number of vehicles from their production schedules last week amid the ongoing microchip shortage, according to the latest report on the situation by AutoForecast Solutions (AFS).

AFS now forecasts automakers will drop more than 3.1 million vehicles from their global 2022 plans because of inadequate chip availability. This figure is separate from other supply chain problems that may affect production.

The AFS forecast shows the impact of the shortage will gradually worsen this year. Even so, the AFS forecast added 800,000 vehicles to the full-year tally in just the last 60 days.

AFS projects Europe to complete 1.08 million units; North America to produce 1.03 units, and the rest of Asia to produce 696,000 units. The organization also projects China will produce 213,000 units, the Middle East/Africa, 22,000 units.

In total, AFS projects automakers to product 3,142,000 units globally.



Originally posted on Auto Dealer Today

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