Intel Corp CEO Pat Gelsinger urged the U.S. and Europe to continue efforts to bring back chip manufacturing. He says government funding is needed to address an overconcentration of production in Asia. 

The ongoing chip shortage has affected everything from cars to iPhones. It also highlighted the lack of production outside of Asia. Increasing tensions with China also have put pressure on U.S. lawmakers to restore local manufacturing.

Gelsinger said Intel will soon announce expansion plans for its manufacturing in the U.S. and Europe. According to Bloomberg, the chipmaker also plans to build a production base in Germany and other facilities in Italy and France. Its next domestic factory will be in the Columbus, Ohio, area, according to

In December, executives from over 50 U.S. companies asked Congressional leaders to pass legislation that provides $52 billion in grants and incentives for domestic chip production. They also expressed support for a separate bill to encourage semiconductor design and manufacturing. The legislation remains stalled.

Intel sells processors to companies in China and recently proposed using a factory in Chengdu, China, to step up production of silicon wafers, but the Biden Administration blocked that plan.

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