As COO, Christopher will work cross-functionality to increase alignment, momentum, and stakeholder communication. - IMAGE: StoneEagle

As COO, Christopher will work cross-functionality to increase alignment, momentum, and stakeholder communication.

IMAGE: StoneEagle

RICHARDSON, Texas – StoneEagle, an industry-leading provider of automotive menu, F&I and Service metrics, is pleased to announce the promotion of Damar Christopher to Chief Operating Officer (COO). As COO, Christopher will work cross-functionally to increase alignment, momentum, and stakeholder communication so that the business consistently delivers on the objectives set by the CEO and executive committee. In addition to overseeing all administrative and operational functions of the company, he leads support of StoneEagle’s vision and goals by translating company objectives into clear, relevant, and effective strategies. Christopher will manage Operations, Product, Human Resources, Finance and Legal. He will also be responsible for coaching teammembers throughout the organization- empowering them to reach their full potential and will report directly to StoneEagle’s CEO, Cindy Allen.

Christopher’s work at StoneEagle extends over the last year, most recently as Vice President of Product. In this role, he was instrumental in setting StoneEagle’s product standard, “Keeping Promises”. This singular internal and external benchmark raised StoneEagle’s SCS roadmap accuracy by 60% year over year. This achievement was made even more impressive when accomplished against the backdrop of a global pandemic.

“Looking back over the past twenty-four months, StoneEagle has grown at a breakneck pace. The scale of talent, team and structure as well as in the number of new clients and product additions has been tremendous”, said Cindy Allen, StoneEagle’s CEO. “If we don’t take time to intentionally work ‘on’ the business, not just ‘in’ the business, we won’t be able to continue to deliver great solutions that make people's lives better. Having Damar’s considerable experience in many facets of executive leadership and his talent for maximizing the resources leading our focus on care guarding StoneEagle’s quality and consistent delivery of results, is critical to insuring we maintain the exceptional products and level of service we have always provided as we continue to accelerate our growth.”

Prior to StoneEagle, Christopher led global product teams across analytics and managed technology platforms in the travel industry, most notably at Concur, nuTravel and Cirium. In those roles, he created double-digit annual growth, pioneered a global program for product collaboration, built client success teams from the ground up, andexecuted a 100% corporate solutions success rate for delivery on time and within budget.

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