Dealerships report 23% YOY increase in contract sales after implementing modules. - IMAGE: Brightline Dealer Advisors

Dealerships report 23% YOY increase in contract sales after implementing modules.

DALLAS – Brightline Dealer Advisors, an independent insurance agency that offers products exclusively for automotive dealers in finance and insurance (F&I), property and casualty (P&C), and employee benefits, announced its new learning framework. This three-pronged approach provides dealers with the most comprehensive and continuous training environment available on the market. 

The three-tier learning framework consists of digital learning, off-site classes and in-person training and coaching. The company’s hands-on approach combined with access to current, online training modules creates a consistent and complete experience for dealerships. The continual access to resources and support allows dealers to grow and nurture talent.

“Training is a journey, not a one-off event. Dealerships often approach it as a single instance and that’s where they go wrong. The investment fails when people revert to old habits, missing the point of continued learning and growth,” said Eric Dragoo, president and CEO of Brightline Dealer Advisors. “To grow their business, dealerships need to enhance the skills and abilities of their employees. That means committing to continual education that’s a mix of hands-on and online, so teams can be supported at multiple times in multiple ways. It’s why we developed our complete learning ecosystem approach.”

Brightline Digital Learning Platform consists of a comprehensive catalog of video-based learning sessions on Sales, Finance & Insurance, and Leadership. The platform is always fresh and relevant with consistent updates and market analysis. The company recently announced a partnership with industry leaders in compliance, Mosaic Compliance Services, and Automotive Compliance Education (ACE), so the company now offers world-class compliance training and certification package for auto dealerships in the marketplace. Dealers can also leverage the platform to deliver and analyze DiSC personality assessments before hiring with HireSense recruiting and onboarding solutions. 

Brightline Dealer Academy is an in-person classroom-style learning center at the company’s North Dallas headquarters. The courses offered include foundational skills in F&I and Leadership, including a robust Train-The-Trainer course.  For dealerships with employees seeking to challenge their abilities and reach new heights of success, the Academy delivers expert level courses in the most critical roles of dealership operations.

Brightline In-person Training and Coaching is a robust team of in-field learning leaders who take the lessons of both the Digital Learning Platform and the Dealer Academy and bring them to life at a Dealer’s business.  The field teams provide reinforcement and continued learning so sessions can move from theory to results immediately upon graduation or certification.

The company’s approach to training and education through this framework has already generated dealer success. for example, finance and insurance managers who attended the Brightline Dealer Academy’s F&I Foundations course delivered an average $305 increase in revenue per vehicle sold within 90 days of graduating from the course and without sacrificing any customer service ratings. Similarly, the in-personTraining and Coaching of the field teams helped dealer employees increase sales by an average of 23% year over year.

“Brightline’s approach to training and education is amazing. Through multiple touchpoints, from their in-person Dealer Academy to the on-site training at our dealerships, we feel their commitment to our partnership. The quality of the training is some of the best I’ve seen in 30 years, and it’s made our staff energized, excited and focused on achieving greatness. Every GM and GSM should make use of their program,” said Brian D. Bailes, Corporate General Manager, LMP Beckley, Hometown Automotive Group.

More information about Brightline Dealer Advisors learning ecosystem can be found here

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