Pioneers in their respective industries unite to deliver innovative automotive insurance solutions to dealers and car buyers nationwide. - IMAGE:

Pioneers in their respective industries unite to deliver innovative automotive insurance solutions to dealers and car buyers nationwide.

BURLINGTON, Vt. – DealerPolicy, a leading insurance marketplace for automotive retail, announced a strategic alliance with JM&A Group, one of the largest independent providers of finance and insurance (F&I) products and dealer services in the industry, and an alliance with Darwin Automotive, a J.D. Power subsidiary and global leader in data analytics and consumer intelligence. Together, the three companies will work to deliver the next generation of F&I solutions to dealers nationwide. Through these alliances, DealerPolicy will continue to deliver innovative insurance products that bring together automotive insurance and car buying, with many consumers seeing cost savings.

DealerPolicy's insurance platform for automotive retail affords dealers the ability to offer a more holistic car buying experience. Partnering with JM&A Group provides DealerPolicy with access to more than 3,800 dealers, further expanding its reach while incorporating personal insurance into JM&A Group's industry-leading process for presenting and selling service contracts and other vehicle protection products. To further enhance the retail experience for dealers and car buyers, the company has collaborated with Darwin Automotive to fully integrate FastPass™, DealerPolicy's proprietary insurance solution, into the leading dealer menu used to present F&I products to consumers. 

"Our vision has long been to improve the car buying experience by seamlessly embedding the industry's only choice-based automotive insurance platform into the systems, processes and culture of automotive retail," said Travis Fitzgerald, Co-Founder and CEO of DealerPolicy. "To be successful, we knew we had to work with other proven leaders in automotive finance and insurance such as JM&A Group and Darwin Automotive, to deliver the ultimate experience for dealers and consumers. We are honored to be the exclusive personal insurance partner for JM&A Group and to be fully integrated into the Darwin Menu, enabling a faster and superior process for everyone." 

"With all of our product offerings through JM&A Group including Fidelity Warranty Services and Fidelity Insurance Agency, we want to maximize the value we bring to our dealer partners across the country," said Elliot Schor, Vice President of Sales Operations at JM&A Group. "We immediately recognized DealerPolicy as one of those opportunities that perfectly aligns with our value proposition. DealerPolicy is leading this new and exciting category and providing tangible value to both dealers and consumers alike."

"The real value that DealerPolicy brings to its dealer partners is their extensive knowledge of automotive retailing," said Michael Fader, Vice President at MileOne Autogroup. "Their ability to consistently convert insurance savings and customer buying power into incremental back-end profit has been a tremendous help to our business."

"Darwin Automotive is first and foremost an automotive technology company, and anything we can do to streamline a natural step in the process for dealers and customers is something we get really excited about," said Phil Battista, President of Dealer Technologies at J.D Power. "Seamlessly integrating DealerPolicy's choice-based insurance solution, FastPass™, into the F&I menu drives meaningful value for our collective dealers and customers. We are thrilled to be a part of this collaboration that will enable the future of how people buy cars and insurance."

With DealerPolicy's innovative technology solutions, personal insurance is available alongside traditional F&I products. On average, DealerPolicy Insurance customers, who report savings, save car buyers $64 per month on their automotive insurance, in addition to offering homeowner, renter, marine, RV, motorcycle, and powersports coverage.In turn, car buyers can utilize these savings to further protect their investment through other value-added vehicle protection products, thus increasing dealers' F&I gross profits by as much as 44%. For more information, visit

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