LAS VEGAS — Organizers of Agent Summit have announced that sales experts Elle Artison and Paul Webb, CEO and founder of Paul Webb Training, will present a session devoted to improving sales performance at the 2019 event. This year’s Agent Summit will be held May 19–22 at the Venetian & Palazzo Resort Hotel Casinos in Las Vegas.

PWT is a sales and management training company that helps professionals achieve “incremental, sustained, and predictable” revenue growth. Artison and Webb say their training approach combines an interactive and guided discovery learning process with effective, time-tested sales and management techniques.

“We are very excited to present at the 2019 Agent Summit,” Webb said. “Change starts with education, and each Agent Summit provides new and exciting ideas to assist agents with the management of change. Communication skills are critical in presenting products and services to dealers. We’ll address the decision process that dealers go through so you’ll understand how to change prospects into customers for life.”

“What Dealers Want” will begin at 10:35 a.m. on Tuesday, May 21. The speakers pledged to share strategies agents can use to clarify the needs of dealer prospects, including the importance of timing, appearance, and targeted background research.

“Selling to dealers is by no means for the timid but the clues to a successful process are exactly what these two sales pros plan to deliver,” said Randy Crisorio, president of United Development Systems Inc. and chairman of the Agent Summit advisory board. “Attending this session will give you an assist to stepping up your game this year and adding some flash to your cash.”

More information about Agent Summit 2019, including agenda, speakers and sponsors, is available at the event’s website. To discuss sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, contact David Gesualdo at 727-947-4027 or via email.