Industry Summit 2018 featured the first-ever Technology Challenge, a chance for 10 specially selected technology companies to present their solutions to agents, dealers, and F&I professionals. Agent Entrepreneur caught up with Joseph Pesce, executive officer for TecAssured LLC, following his presentation. 

AE: Why did you participate in the Technology Challenge? 

Pesce: We were excited to learn Industry Summit was adding the Technology Challenge to the 2018 event and submitted our entry; we knew it would give us a great opportunity to present and demo TecAssured D2C, our new direct-to-consumer software. And we were right! Participating in the challenge gave us the ideal platform to reach an audience filled with people truly looking for the kind of innovative growth our new software solutions offer. 

It was also exciting to learn more about the other software and systems presented by our peers. One of our long-term goals is to not just compete in this space, but to combine knowledge and resources to create even more dynamic new solutions for the industry at large. 

 AE: What did you feel made your presentation stand out with the Industry Summit audience?

 Pesce: Our new TecAssured D2C sales solution answers a true industry need and expands the F&I product sales window up to 45 days after customers leave a dealership. TPAs, agents, and dealers alike were very responsive to our presentation because our software not only provides a smart solution, but it’s also cost-effective, simple to set up, and easy to incorporate into existing marketing channels too. 

 AE: Were you impressed by any other presentations? 

Pesce: Yes, very much so! It’s always exciting to hear new ideas and be among other companies who realize the value of investing in technology. It’s an exciting time for our industry and, after hearing all of the presentations, I have no doubt that technology-powered business and sales are the future.

 AE: Do you believe this signals a growing interest in digital sales and F&I solutions?

 Pesce: Absolutely! There’s no clearer signal than the response we’ve had to our TecAssured and D2C solutions. We’ve implemented digital F&I sales software, proven it works, and created new avenues for profits — and our dealers are seeing sizable increases in sales! 

 AE: What’s next for your company?

Pesce: One of our goals is to combine forces with other technology or service providers and take our solutions to the next level within the automotive industry. We recently expanded into the powersports, RV, and marine markets and plan to expand our footprint there, plus we’re looking to launch into other industries — including electronics, furniture, home, and pet service agreement products — in 2019. 

If you’re looking for new ways to support your dealers and expand profits, we have some great technology solutions that will enable you to do just that! From marketing tools to software solutions that work with any product, we’re here and ready to help. Our standard D2C software is free to view and use, can be dealer-branded, and offers customizable collateral to help you install at your dealership clients quickly and cost-effectively.