Isn’t Your Attitude the Heart of Selling?
Isn’t Your Attitude the Heart of Selling?

Somebody recently asked me how important it was to have a positive attitude when it comes to selling. I said your attitude is the heart of selling, and today it seems like some people need a cardiologist when it comes to keeping a positive mental attitude.

Your entire life is shaped by your attitude. The amount of money you make or earn is determined by your attitude. Some people have an attitude of massive success and others have an attitude of hoping their ends meet somehow.

So it is that your life, according to Charles Swindoll, comes down to your attitude. I’m sure you have seen his “Attitude Is Everything” flyer, maybe around the office or up by the old water gossip tank. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react and handle it.

Lost Sales or Client

Have you ever lost a day because you lost a sale or a client? In other words, you couldn’t get over it, so you brooded and pouted about it for the rest of the day, week and month, and you’re still whining about it after all these years?

You might need to let it go. Start focusing on what you can do right now and quit worrying about the past or even giving it any thought. You probably are too old anyway to be giving away what positive energy you have left to something that happened a while ago. Every person in sales or business is going to face a huge amount of loss. You see, your life and attitude is pretty much determined by how you talk to yourself.

Your self-talk determines how you think. Your thinking determines how you feel and how you feel determines how you act, because of the way you talk to yourself. Sales is about getting over and through your losses and moving on to the next sale, not moving on to the gym, golf course, doing chores around the house or taking four-hour lunches because your attitude is cranked. Get over it, learn how to say “Next!” and move on to your next client, call, email or belly-to-belly visit.

How do you keep your attitude positive? Well for one thing, when is the last time you turned on the news, watched an uplifting story, and then shut off the TV and ran around the house like you won the lottery? They should really call it the misery news. “Yeah, but I got to keep on my current events.” Really? So are they going to help you sell something today? “Honey, I just heard the worst news on TV. I shared it on Facebook, turned on the radio, and also got caught up in the gossip puddle at work. And I’ve got to tell you, my attitude is so positive right now!”

A great agent has to block out that crap and let it lay where it needs tolay: outside in the trash can, not in your mind. Your job is selling attitude to every one of your clients, and the tone of your attitude sets the tone of the relationship and the sale. On my facebook, when I see negative crap, I unfollow the person, or hide the post. Come on, you've heard the old saying: “Garbage in, garbage out.” It’s true. What if you could go one day, being positive in everything you do and say,? Can you?

Can you go one day, without gossiping or saying a negative comment? Give it a shot....Most people can’t even get past 30 minutes before they say something negative. I live outside of Los Angeles, and you probably all know about the traffic we face every day. As a matter of fact, one of our main freeways is the 405. We call it that, because we only go 4 or 5 miles an hour. What I love about traffic is that, as long I didn’t create the traffic, I'm just happy to be in it. Attitude is the heart of your life along with the heart of selling, and your mind, heart and soul have to be in sync.

Today Is Yours

Today is your day. Today is the day you get control of your attitude. Today is the day you are going to say something positive to every person you come in contact with. Today is the day you are going to build yourself up instead of beating yourself up emotionally. Today is the day that nobody is going to steal your attitude. Today is the day that you realize your life is all about your positive attitude.

Today is the day you are going to start reading positive books and articles. Today is the day that, when the negaholics try to bring you down, you are going to stop them cold and say, “Please, no negativity allowed around me.” Today is your day! Take control of your mind and you take control of your life.