Since 1981, MBPI has been recognized as one of the top administrators in the nation. May marked the 35th anniversary for this employee-owned company, which began from James Orr’s vision of what a truly great F&I provider could and should be. Currently under the leadership of Mr. Orr’s son, Kevin, MBPI continues to offer new and exciting ways for dealers to satisfy their customers and increase F&I income.

In the words of Kevin Orr, MBPI President:

“I just wanted to take a moment and make a special recognition of a tremendous milestone in our company’s history. 35 years ago yesterday, MBPI was born. As Dad would say, he had a trunk full of forms and a list of Dealers to go visit. He did just that.  He did it well. 

Although 35 years is something special to be part of, we look to the future and what the next 35 years holds. We continually strive to not only maintain our level of service, but to constantly improve it. 

I am proud of what my Father started.  I am beyond excited about the future of this company. While we have some lofty goals to achieve, I know that we have the right people in place to take us to the next level.”

The purpose of MBPI has always been to design, market and administrate F&I products to the automobile industry. Much of MBPI’s success can be attributed to our original philosophy: to seek out quality partnerships, and provide the highest possible level of service. MBPI encourages prospective agents and dealers to call 1-800-325-7484 to find out more.