SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — American Auto Guardian, Inc. (“AAGI”) announced its newly developed mobile application to its Agents during the Company’s 2015 Product Launch this month.

Storing paper contracts in the glovebox is now a thing of the past! AAGI Mobile is a one of a kind customer-facing mobile application that interacts with all of AAGI’s products. In the first release, available now, users can photograph and register their contracts within the app. AAGI’s system updates the user’s contract details and vehicle information for their electronic convenience. These features, paired with the selling dealer’s contact and location details (including interactive maps) and the ability to immediately connect to the program’s roadside assistance service, allows users to have secure electronic information at their fingertips when they need it most.

AAGI’s creation of the app furthers their technology push for both agents and dealers to utilize AAGI’s online rating/contracting/remitting QR360™, as well as partner Menu and DMS systems. Used together, the app provides a more comprehensive experience for the consumer.

Tim Brugh, AAGI’s President, states, “Our creative team has developed AAGI Mobile to beintuitive and valuable from the consumer’s perspective, while giving our Dealer partners a more visible customer presence. Within the app, one of the first things a customer will see is the dealer’s phone number and address, our goal is to drive the customer back to the selling dealer for repairs, service, questions, and future sales. This is the just the first generation of what is a one of a kind tool for our dealers. I’m proud to offer this product to our agents, dealers, and end users, the car buying public.”