Watch Out for Hidden Objections
Watch Out for Hidden Objections

Beware of hidden objections. Your buyer today has ‘issues’, and hidden objections are just that – objections that all of your customers have, but that they will probably never say out loud to you. These objections kill your sales though, because they’re concerns that every customer has, and even they may not be consciously aware of all of them.

The good news: Each of these concerns will be taken care of if you’ll just follow “The New Basics” to take the customer through the buying process and eliminate these summarized objections, as well as any of your customer’s other common objections.

 1. Is this the right place for us to buy?

71% who bought said they bought because they liked you. Not only do they have to like you, they also need to feel the same about your dealership, its service, and its employees. They also need to trust that management will be there for them after the sale, too. Here’s a surprise: 71% of the people who didn’t buy, said they found a vehicle in your inventory they would have strongly considered buying, but they didn’t like the salesperson, the process or management.

 2. Sure they want a new car. Their concern: Do we need it, and is this the right product?

Unless their car is junk or is going through the crusher because it was wrecked, in real life, they don’t need a new car. The “New Basics” turns that impulsive want and desire people have into the value and real benefits to them of owning the vehicle you’re showing them now. Just stop prequalifying, stop selecting vehicles based on what they want to spend, and you will double your sales within 90 days.

 3. Is the price OK for what we get?

Most salespeople’s first thought is,“If they shopped, we better be cheap.” That’s not true. The truth is, “If they shopped, we better be good.”

“Cheap selling” means lost sales and low gross even if you do make a sale. If you want to sell more, when you’re showing a $20,000 vehicle, follow the “New Basics” and you’ll end up giving a $30,000 to $40,000 presentation. And that means more sales and higher gross.

4. Should we buy it now?

Since they know they really don’t need it, they also lack the urgency it takes to make the big decision now.

You guessed it! Build the value and excitement of owning it, follow my steps exactly in “The New Basics” and you’ll also create the urgency it takes to make a decision right now.