Daytona Beach, Fla. —DMEautomotive announced a partnership with CRM provider DealerSocket that will give DealerSocket users direct integration with DMEautomotive’s call center service, MasterCall, and its mobile app, DriverConnect.

“Our users will hugely benefit from a secure and seamless connection with DMEautomotive’s call center and scheduling services,” said Jonathan Ord, founder and CEO, DealerSocket. “And as mobile marketing becomes so crucial for today’s dealerships, having direct access to DriverConnect, the leading dealership mobile app, gives our users a real edge in the marketplace.”

In addition to the integration with MasterCall, DealerSocket will also enable service scheduling and connectivity through Driver Connect. This direct integration means user data, including service and sales appointments, will seamlessly feed directly into DealerSocket CRM.

“We are thrilled that DealerSocket has chosen DMEa as its primary provider of call center services,” said Mike Walther, CEO, DMEautomotive. “DealerSocket is our preferred CRM provider and we look forward to introducing more of our dealer customers to this indispensable tool.”