Irvine, Calif. — Autobytel, a company dedicated to helping automotive consumers and dealers connect online, announced its Search Engine Marketing results (SEM) using Google AdWords enhanced campaigns. Autobytel reports the efforts helped increase conversions while reducing marketing expenses across many of its digital marketing campaigns since it began implementing enhanced campaigns through Google this February.

Enhanced campaigns enabled Autobytel to optimize and set bids according to online car buyer contexts, such as their location, the time of day or the type of device they were using. Autobytel uses AdWords advanced reporting and new features like upgraded site links and ValueTrack URL tagging which helped increase click-through-rate (CTR) and improve internal tracking.

Campaign highlights, published in a Google case study posted this week, reveal that: Autobytel conversions increased by more than 10 percent and tablet conversions increased by 15 percent. Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) held steady, or decreased, for many of Autobytel’s online marketing campaigns, while the number of Autobytel campaigns requiring manual management decreased by 30 percent.

“Google’s enhanced campaigns enable us to reach online consumers with the right marketing message, at the precise time and place in the car shopping process, while helping us decrease costs and eliminate manual resources," said Jeffrey Coats, president and CEO of Autobytel Inc. "Essentially, Google has helped Autobytel significantly improve digital marketing ROI.”