Wayne, Penn. - Chrysler Group LLC selected MaximTrak Technologies as its F&I Menu, Reporting and e-Contracting provider for its Mopar Vehicle Protection products.

MENUCONNECT, the cloud-based platform developed by MaximTrak for Chrysler Group LLC, enhances the presentation of value-added aftermarket options to consumers and drives increases in F&I product sales and customer satisfaction ratings for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Truck and Fiat dealers. In a recent study by Chrysler Group’s Mopar Vehicle Protection unit, Chrysler Group dealerships using MENUCONNECT realized a service contract penetration increase of 33 percent and dealer per vehicle retail gross profit growth of 27 percent.

“We are seeing increases in PVR and total product penetration, and no customers are coming back complaining we neglected to explain or offer something to them,” said F&I Manager Fred Barabani of Buckeye Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge-Ram, Shelby, Ohio.

Standardizing the F&I product presentation, this structured menu keeps customers happier. “We’re shaving off minutes from every F&I presentation, and for our customers, those 10 or 15 minutes are significant,” Barabani said.

MENUCONNECT’s reporting application automates the management of the F&I department and provides dealerships with real-time sales and performance statistics. These reports help managers identify opportunities for improving productivity and profitability. MENUCONNECT’s fully automated, paperless workflow will greatly improve the efficiency of the selling process for Chrysler Group dealers. This feature provides access to real-time rates, menu presentation tools and electronic contract submissions. The solution integrates with the dealership’s dealer management system, so data is easily pulled into F&I presentation tools. MENUCONNECT’s e-Contracting platform eliminates paper and significantly streamlines the F&I process.

"Use of MENUCONNECT for F&I will also enable Chrysler Group dealerships to reduce contract errors, increase customer satisfaction index (CSI) scores and provide customers with complete legal disclosures to meet compliance requirements," said Jim Maxim Jr., President of MaximTrak.

With MaximTrak’s MENUCONNECT, Chrysler Group dealerships will electronically register all F&I related contracts directly with Chrysler. The system will reduce errors in contracting, increase productivity, sales volume and greatly enhance the quality of time consumers spend in the F&I Office.