Top Training Tips
Top Training Tips

Regardless of what profession you are in, you have been trained. Training in a new position is never an easy task to complete. In reality, training never really ends. You are constantly presented with new challenges that you must solve and overcome. Questions will always come up that need to be answered. The learning process is never-ending.

AE has compiled a list of the top training tips posted within the past year. The following videos contain valuable information from Gerry Gould, director of training for United Development Systems, and John Vecchioni, director of F&I development for United Car Care. These gentlemen have taken the time to share the strategies that will benefit your dealer clients most.

Take a look, continue learning and sell on.

Bad Words

Sales can be won or lost on small key words that customers pick up on. Through this tip, learn how to remove the negative words from your vocabulary and present everything in a positive light to the customers.

Step Outside the Box

You need to experience what the customers go through when buying a car. Stop being a ‘car guy’ and strat thinking like a customer.

The Rate

Ask the customer what concerns them most.


Under-promise and over-deliver. You must be completely transparent with your customers and the more compliant you are, the more profit you’ll make.

Customer Satisfaction Index

CSI is a product of compliance, cash flow, additional profits and delivery of vehicles. If you are not honest and transparent, you may still buy a car, but that customer’s experience will affect your CSI.

Creating Dialogue with the Customer

If a customer is declining to purchase a product, engage in a conversation with them to find out more. Explain to them in detail why the product would benefit them and what could possibly happen if they leave your office without it.


Put everything out there for the customer to see and they can make their own decisions. Do not hide anything from them if you want them to trust you and not be skeptical.

Cash Conversion

Turn your customers’ perceptions into reality. Show them visuals to explain your point more so that they can see for themselves, on paper, what you are telling them.

Building Your Business Through Prospecting

You don’t have to sit back and wait for people to come onto your lots. You need to take ownership of your business and go out and find some for yourself.

Coaching the Sales Team

Make sure your sales teams know that you are confident in helping them out with their process on the lot. You need to coach them to sell products so that it helps you out as well. Make sure that they are prepared to answer the customers’ questions correctly and appropriately.

The Cash Buyer

Myth: Cash buyers don’t buy anything. Reality: They are the best customers to walk through your doors.

The Art of Role Playing

Breakdown the process of the sale and work on improving your weak points with a peer. A customer will never be as tough on you as your peers will be and this process will help you be more prepared for your next sale.